a philosophy

Want to have more money?

making it rain...money!

Want to have less clutter?

Teal'c is interested.

How about both?

Both?  Both?  Both is good!

Sure! There's a way you can do both:


Unspending is simply
not buying a lot of things,
and saving the money
you would have spent on them

Confused face.

Seems too easy, right?
But how often do we buy things
for no real reason,
or buy stuff for others
just to somehow "prove" our love?


I was stuck like that, too,
receiving and giving THINGS
instead of TIME and LOVE.
Now, I know better.

the rewards

Since September 2014,
I have saved over $5,000 (so far!)
following my unspending plan.
I saved so much
that I was able to finally pay off
my freshman year college loans!


I also was able to pay
for emergency car repairs
and home repairs!

Wildly excited

And all I really had to do
was stop mindlessly buying
stuff that wasn't even
making me happy!

Mind blown!

So if you've read this far,
I offer you the same challenge:

how much can you save?

Use up, do without,
DIY instead of buy.

I started out saving $28 a week
from not buying soda anymore,
and it only grew from there.

Magical money appearance!

It can be done.
Try it out!
You'll be surprised
what you DON'T miss.

Thumbs up!